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    Cities of Tomorrow R&D Programme RIE2025 (H1 - Urban Environment Analytics and Complexity Science) Grant Call Project 5: Destination Choice Models for Land Use Transport Modelling


    This grant call is for the research Horizontal 1: Urban Environment Analytics and Complexity Science, one of the focus areas under the Cities of Tomorrow (CoT)’s RIE2025 R&D Programme. This is the second of two grant calls under the “Activity Location Choice Modelling” research project and the topic is, “Destination Choice Models for Land Use Transport Modelling”. Please refer to the “Info Sheet_CoT_H1_GC2023_05” for more details.

    A briefing on the grant call will be held for prospective researchers to learn more about and participate in a Q&A session on the grant call. Details of the briefing are appended below:
    Date: Monday, 20 Nov 2023 (11am – 12.30pm)
    Venue: LTA Hampshire Office (Block 10 Level 1 Digital Lab), 1 Hampshire Road Singapore 219428
    Registration: Please RSVP by providing details of the attendees (i.e. name, organisation, designation, email and research interests) to both Jason Lee (Jason_BP_Lee@lta.gov.sg) and Jansen Lee (Jansen_Lee@lta.gov.sg) by Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023.

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    03-Nov-2023 03:00 PM

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    07-Feb-2024 02:00 PM

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    National Research Foundation

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    National Research Foundation

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    CoT RIE2025_H1


    Cities of Tomorrow R&D Programme Horizontal 1

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    For enquiries on the Grant Call, please email to jason_bp_lee@lta.gov.sg and jansen_lee@lta.gov.sg. For other enquiries pertaining to IGMS system, please email IGMS helpdesk at Helpdesk@researchgrant.gov.sg.

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